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Rhonda Maughan - Final - Transparent Bac



I am a coach, businesswoman and mother of 2 adult children.  I am a huge believer of Self leadership ‘Know Thy Self ‘practice makes the master’ which to me means self-responsibility having the courage to show up authentically every day.  

The magic truly happens when we are completely honest with ourselves, and the healing begins.

For me it has been an evolving process and has led me on this journey.

After realising I had some unhealthy limiting belief’s, that were impacting my professional and personal life I  decided it was time to make change I spent time being coached and after learning  valuable skills.  I decided to do my diploma in l coaching, I just wanted to share what I had learnt and how it changed my life with others, first of all using them with clients in my health and fitness business and also with my staff the rest is history, Rhonda Maughan people and culture was born.

I know the shift in beliefs both personally and professionally are closely linked and after 25 years of owning Business’s  leading  national teams working with varied companies and organisations working one on one with clients and much continued  Professional learning and self-development. I now have another amazing tool to add to my kit as a certified Neuro Change Master Trainer ™ Neuro Change Method Is the latest scientific research in Brain Mind Science I will be working with individuals team’s and organisation to help shift mindsets and culture to lift performance and gain momentum.

Passionate about people and helping teams, professionals and individuals step toward unlocking their full potential is what drives me every day, knowing that I have done my best to make a difference.

If you are ready to take action and ignite positive change 

Contact me for a complimentary half-hour introductory session.

I look forward to finding out how I can help you achieve your best version and step closer towards achieving your goals.

Rhonda Maughan
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Explore how I can help Ignite Positve Change in your life
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