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Success Stories


"Rhonda is an absolute professional in everything that she does. 

She has a natural way to make you feel like you are the most important person to her.  Rhonda tailor makes her programs and sessions to suit your personal and business needs.  We met Rhonda pre COVID-19 and this helped us make some lifestyle decisions that encouraged us to launch out from not only our business but our personal lives as well.  If you are up for the journey, Rhonda will help you with the ride."

Karen L

'My life coaching journey with Rhonda has been very successful.  She allowed me to face things in my past and learn how these events shape who we are today and the choice to accept them as they are, acknowledge they are there and ensure that they do not continue to impact the rest of my life. 

She has a lot of tools and resources available to cater to everyone's needs. 

It has enabled me to enjoy my life and continue with a positive attitude with the changes I have made in my life.'

Kujeet S

Making the decision to work with Rhonda was one of the best decisions I have made. 


After 30 years in the same industry it was time for the change.  I knew what I wanted to do and was close to making it happen but just needed help with the last step in getting there.  Working with Rhonda gave me the courage, strength and confidence to now be doing something I love and am passionate about.   



Mindset Matters

I walked into Rhonda Maughan’s space thinking I had to be in control of everything around me, I felt like my world was in chaos, I knew I needed help, and I had this idea in my head that seeing a life coach was going to somehow help me regain control.  To be fair I was a mess, Rhonda was a rock.  Her authenticity, her ability to hear me, not just listen, the way she helped me unpack my narrative and default settings was tough and at the same time enlightening.  

I have learnt a lot about myself in the last 18months and I have plenty more to learn.  I believe slowly, I am starting to reframe my narrative, I am starting to see the beauty in the imperfect human that I am, and I work hard to surrender the need to control the world around me but instead make conscious decisions to not let that world own the person I am.  

Rhonda has been and continues to be an influential human in my life, I can not thank her enough for the time, effort, and space she provides.  She is amazing and I would highly recommend her beautiful wairua (spirit) to all humans looking for transformational change.

Naomi Bates

Sport Programme Manager 

Waikato Institute for Leadership & Sport Studies


"Rhonda facilitated some development sessions  for the team leading us on an inciteful but fun filled journey.  The sessions flew by and we were all left eagerly awanting the next instalment. An engaging and worthwhile investment in both team and personal development."

Ian Goulton

Director - Corporate Services and Assurance

HealthShare Ltd

"We have contracted Rhonda to provide Leadership in Practice training for our current and aspiring leaders.  There has been excellent feedback from our staff who participated in the sessions." Working with Rhonda is easy.  Because she has years of knowledge about tools and techniques linked with developing people, and is constantly looking for more, she can tailor the sessions to meet evolving needs as she goes. She pivots content and practical exercises based on the need and how the group are interacting with the material and each other.  

We definitely got value.

Ruth Ross

Human Resource Consultant


RM - Website  (1).png

Rhonda has been a facilitator for the WILSS Certificate in Business-First Line Management Level 4 course for the previous 2 years.  A highly professional facilitator-kaiwhakahaere, she is always organised and detailed with the information she provides our students.  Her natural repour with the students is both approachable and encouraging, bringing a warm sense of whanaungatanga (family) to the room, allowing every student to turn up to our classes as themselves.  Her manaakitanga (caring nature, and ability to look after our students) is testament to the feedback we receive at the end of every course.   Our students consistently speak highly of Rhonda as a facilitator of our learning environments.  Her ability to create challenging and thought-provoking situations are often attributed to the life changing moments our students speak about.  I enjoy working alongside Rhonda in a professional capacity, she is an incredible facilitator, an inspirational leader and a fantastic individual. 

Naomi Bates

Academic Manager 

Waikato Institute for Leadership & Sport Studies

“Rhonda has completed a series of wellbeing workshops with Ellice Tanner Hart.


The workshops have been greatly beneficial to our culture and the wellbeing of our staff.

Rhonda is a skillful facilitator and brings an authentic and heart-warming style to her delivery. We continue to utilise Rhonda to help with our work environment and highly recommend her to other organisations”


Rob Hart


 Ellice Tanner Hart

Rhonda Maughan - Final - Transparent Backgrounds (1).png

If you are ready to ignite positive change,

contact me now,  I'd love to help.

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